Psychedelic Intimacy

The Fusion of Psychedelic Assisted Journeys & Somatic Sex Coaching

Are you ready to uplevel your love and sex life by developing a true intimacy with all aspects of yourself and start relating to others from a place of wholeness rather than hunger?

What is Psychedelic Intimacy?

Do you long to feel more fully at home in your body, heart, and pleasure?

Have you ever sensed there's more possible for you when it comes to intimate connection - with yourself and others?

Maybe you've touched this sense when you were tripping with friends, but you haven't been able to hold onto it, or intentionally go as deep as you want to.

This is an invitation to go beyond what you thought was possible for your relationships, sexuality, and capacity for joy, bliss and ecstasy. It's a call to rediscover the magic inside you.

Through Psychedelic Intimacy work, we gently and safely unlock the gates - to healing, vibrancy, pleasure, and unconditional love for yourself and those you care for most deeply. This is a reclamation of your birthright of bliss!

How? Psychedelic Intimacy combines expanded states of consciousness with the work of embodied intimacy to create a safe, profound container for transformation, healing and connection to your heart, body and pleasure.

Take a moment to pause, put your hand on your heart, and feel into your yearnings and desires as you take a deep breath.

Imagine us doing this, together.

To facilitate the magic of psychedelic intimacy, you will be guided on a low-dose psychedelic journey. We work with doses just low enough to create a lightly altered state while remaining fully present and oriented.

Low-dose journeys allow you to access expanded perspectives and deeper wisdom from your subconscious, while still being grounded in your body and the therapeutic process. You get the benefits of heightened awareness, creativity and emotional openness, without the intensity or disorientation of a full psychedelic trip.

For exploring intimacy and sexuality, this "lite" psychedelic space holds enormous potential. You can tap into more authenticity and inner knowledge about your needs and patterns, receive insights and new neural connections, while feeling safe, held and in control.

Psychedelic Intimacy is for thoughtful, courageous technologists like you to take you out of your head and bring you deeply into connection with your body and heart. Through developing true intimacy with all aspects of yourself, you can begin relating to others from a place of wholeness rather than hunger.

This Experience Is For You If...

  • You long for deeper intimacy, pleasure, and connection - with yourself, your partner, and the divine
  • You long to experience unconditional love and acceptance, free of shame or limitation
  • You seek healing and release from past emotional, sexual or intimacy-related wounds
  • You are ready to courageously surrender and open yourself to new depths of vulnerability, trust, understanding
  • You sense that something profound is missing - a key to deeper fulfillment, purpose and belonging
  • You are ready to be free of shame, fear, guilt, or other difficult emotions related to sex or intimacy
  • You want to release old stories about sex and intimacy like "I'm not lovable"

Meet Victoria

Hi beloved! I'm Victoria Angel Heart, M.Ed, CMT-P, a passionate pleasure permissionary dedicated to empowering you to embrace intimacy within yourself, your relationships and with all of life. With a background in professional cuddling, sexological bodywork, neo-tantra, somatic sex education, non-ordinary states of consciousness, trauma-informed emotional freedom techniques, neurolinguistic programming and mindfulness meditation, I skillfully down-regulate your nervous system and invite in your pleasure through unconditional love in all my work.

I integrate this approach into my comprehensive embodied intimacy coaching programs, guiding burnt-out and stressed-out folx on a journey of self-reconnection and rediscovery of embodied bliss. I work with plant medicines and non-ordinary states of consciousness to take you deep into your heart to heal trauma and experience more of who you truly are.

I have also been a professional musician since I was 9, and I incorporate my original "hypnotic hymns" and empowerment anthems as a permissionary of song and sound into all of my work. I organize engaging music and intimacy events regularly throughout the Bay Area.

All The Details You Desire

What happens during a typical session?

Sessions last for 5 hours and use a variety of modalities from NLP, EFT, IRF, Tamura, and Somatic sex education. There will be guided meditation, an internal reflection period, somatic work, and live music if desired. Sessions can be structured around a specific intimacy skill you’re desiring to learn, a block you want to break through, or a connective experience you’d like to have. Other people find that letting the session flow naturally without structure feels better, and both ways work for me. I am here to be in service to what best supports you.

What training and certifications do you have?

I’m a certified Psychedelic NLP coach and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, and I am training with Vital Psychedelics and InnerTrek. I am a UCLA-trained and IMTA-certified mindfulness meditation teacher, a trained Cuddlist, and I have also trained in somatic sex education, sexological bodywork, and Tamura conscious energetic touch work. These equip me to hold safe, nurturing spaces.

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions take place in my cozy home temple nestled in the Berkeley Hills, surrounded by nature views, cushions, and ambient lighting to help you feel safe and cozy.

What kind of preparation do you provide?

Before each session, I meet to build trust, set intentions, teach meditation and go through conscious consent and boundary exercises. Together, we explore what you’re available for in the realm of intimacy, and we set our agreements for the journey.

What psychedelic substances do you use?

The psychedelics I use are natural plant medicines like cannabis and kanna that can open us to healing in safe, legal ways. I source high quality materials for each journey.

What is your recommended number of sessions?

Pyschedelic Intimacy begins with a 3-part “bubble” of one preparation session, the journey and one integration session. We continue meeting monthly for ongoing support as desired.

What Clients Are Saying

"Working with Victoria has been deeply transformative for me. I used to have constant anxiety that would flare up and leave me feeling distressed and lost. But after just one powerful yet gentle low-dose journey together, my anxiety has lowered significantly. The psychedelic-assisted session felt like a huge cathartic release. I felt safe and supported enough to go to the places I needed to go. Victoria held space for me with compassion."

"In the weeks since our session, I continue to feel more open, joyful and embodied. My confidence has grown in managing anything that comes up. I never imagined getting to this level of inner peace and capability of handling intensity. Victoria made me feel secure enough to trust the process. This gentle unfolding has given me gifts I didn't know were possible."

"Working with Victoria blew my mind: Profound, huge, noticeable, immediate changes. The transformation was phenomenal. Touch was natural and easy, remarkable like a day and night shift after 30 years of marriage. Working with Victoria showed me that repatterning is possible. The somatic door is way more effective than the cognitive door. Victoria's extraordinarily simple exercises had an amazing effect. I am so grateful."

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A Note From Victoria

There's never a better time than now to begin making the changes that will positively impact the rest of your life. Trust that you came to this page perfectly on time. You are ready to transform the intimacy blockages that have been holding you back in order to live the life of your dreams. I'm so happy to hold you, listen to you, and cheer you on along the way!

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